'Fear' - just the utterance of the word will make us remember a thousand moments in our life where we have felt it. Fear is a powerful, yet a common emotion. Fear can mold somebody, it can shape one's character and sometimes, destroy us too. This might seem dangerous but this perception can be changed by just one thing - the way we approach this emotion. Over-coming fear can be a arduous battle, especially when it is related to exams. Exam fear is a very common phenomenon among students. Today's world is so competitive that everybody wants to be toppers in their particular fields. This is very beneficial as far as development is concerned but it also puts a massive amount of stress and pressure on students. One section of students have the ability to naturally handle this stress very easily whether it is exam time or not but not many belong to this category. The larger portion of the student population fall under the other category, going through anxiety and succumb to stress due to exam fear. 
          Exam fear is basically due to one's lack of self confidence. The very presence of stress in a student's mind about exams is the indicator to our poor preparation and poor time management, and irresponsible attitude. So all you have to do, is reverse this - you have to frame a strategic plan, stick to a timetable, prepare well consistently, learn time management and revise as much as you can to make yourself thorough as much as possible. This might sound a little... tedious, that is why  you have to take short breaks! 
        Research proves that taking a break between studying gives better exam results. While taking a break you could listen to relaxing music, read a book, play and instrument or anything that you find interesting. DO NOT - check your phone especially if you are addicted to social media. Do not take a nap for a long time. Or else, you might find yourself spending more time dreaming about doing well in your exams than performing well in reality. Do not forget that with good preparation comes self confidence to face exams. 
Remember that 'Life is full of challenges, tests, and examinations; and how we respond to them determines our success and failure.'  


All the best for your exams and prepare well!

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